Your own VPN

LeafVPN does the setup for you. You get access to many different servers on 6 locations around the globe. We don't store, record or have access to your data.

Zero Setup

Just install our native app for Mac and you're done. No complex setup. One click to VPN. More native clients coming soon! OpenVPN is supported as well.

Own your Connection

Unlock access to everything the internet has to offer. No matter your physical location.

Fast and Global

We only use the fastest data centers available and offer you unlimited download and upload speeds.

A single price | No hidden fees | Cancel anytime | Unrestricted access
Native app and multiple locations included.
5 $
6 worldwide locations
No Setup
Instantly Connected to your VPN
Available on all your devices
Native App for Mac OSX
Works with any operating system with OpenVPN
More native clients coming soon!

Are you ready?

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